All Muslims Are Terrorists

Even though it’s pretty much agreed upon by conservatives and liberals alike that we created ISIS and other terrorists in the middle east, Islamophobia is at an all time high. Even though the CIA toppled the secular government in Tehran in the 70’s, distrust of Iran is rampant. The US had the crosshairs pointed at Bin Laden, Hussein and Gaddafi for decades, despite which side of the isle controlled the White House, yet we still fear the burqa-clad boogie man lurking in the desert. Years and years of war in Afghanistan (whether waged by Russian or Nato, Bush or Obama) created a population of radicals. Yes, Muslim people in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and abroad are pissed off. And you know they have a right to be!

It’s proven that most people in the US, don’t even know why Muslim immigrants are washing up on European soil. It’s as if the civil war in Syria (that has been going on for like 5 fucking years) isn’t even happening. Yet every September 11th, we’re reminded to #NeverForget.

Instead of using the refugee crisis as a chance to prove to the Muslim world that there is no “war on the Islamic people” like ISIS claims, the western world turns its back while babies wash up on shore. Instead of debunking everything in the al-Qaeda recruitment pamphlet titled “why you should wage jihad,” we offer up Donald Trump as a possibility for the position of Commander in Chief.

If YOU were used to a world where your kids either die drowning trying to cross borders into “their” country or your kids die when “their” freedom bombs explode on your hospital, you’d be pretty fucking RADICAL too.

We live in a world so ingrained in identity that it’s easy to paint ALL Muslims as terrorists or ALL Mexicans as rapists or ALL black men as thugs. We live in a world where white supremacists holding AR 15s in Chipotle is “freedom” but black people using anti-Police rhetoric at a protest is “hate speech.” We live in a world where Christians claim to be “discriminated against” while gay couples who just want a fucking wedding cake are “fascists.” We live in a world where more people believe there is a fucking “War on Christmas” than a war on African Americans being waged by law enforcement. There’s a god damn light-up tree at every Macy’s in the US, but yes White America, you’re the victims here.

This poem is a short summation of my thoughts on the Trump phenomenon and the fucking stupidity perpetuated by conservative America. Enjoy!


All Muslims r terrorists.
Every single 1 of them.
They shouldn’t be aloud in r cuntry.

They’re buildin’ that mosque by where the twin towers fell!
Car bombs will be going off at Walmart.

Call it what it is, Obama… RADICAL ISLAM!

We shouldn’t be makin’ deals with no IRAN.
We should be fightin’ ISIS in the CALIPHATE

Oh, don’t give me no #BlackLiveMatter bullshit!
These are war times, son.

Our police need grenade launchers with these thugs in our communities!
Don’t break the law, you won’t have to worry ‘bout no cops!

And these damn Mexican, takin’ our jobs.

I say, build the wall… PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Fuck ‘em. Let them rape and murder in their own shitty countries.



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